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Bonds Backyard Layers in the Lockyer Valley near Gatton, QLD

Interested in becoming more self sustainable in your home by investing in chickens? We at Bonds Backyard Layers in the Lockyer Valley near Gatton , QLD also supply chicks and started pullets to commercial farms, produce stores, pet shops and retail customers. With our day old layers, you can experience the joy of raising your very own chicks and having access to fresh eggs every morning. Or you could purchase started pullets. Give them 4 to 6 weeks to adjust to their new surroundings and they’ll be laying eggs. 

Why Keep Chooks?

✓ They eat your food scraps to make delicious low cost eggs
✓ They provide you manure for your food garden
✓ These animal 'Tractors' are great at preparing your veggie patch for planting
✓ They help control insect pests in your garden
✓ Pets that produce, Chooks have great personalities 

Our Healthy Breeds

All of our chicks and wholesale chickens are genetically bred to ensure laying lines that are productive and healthy. All of our poultry is vaccinated and shipped to you in good health. We truly care and take the time to consider the welfare of our chickens, and we hope you will, too.
Read more about our breeds here. 

Why Choose Bonds?

Bonds was established in 1978, so our company can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to poultry breeding. 

We deliver our healthy and fully vaccinated birds Australia wide.
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Choose Bonds Backyard Layers for your very own layer chicks. We sell wholesale chickens in to the Lockyer Valley near Gatton , QLD.
 Call us today on (07) 46977800 to learn more. 
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